Davide Mancuso

Hi, I'm Davide Mancuso and I'm a front-end web developer. I help agencies, brands and graphic designers turn their ideas into websites.

I've been active in web development since 1996 when I learned HTML and discovered my passion for web development. Over the years I've honed my skills in front-end development, SEO and web marketing.

My goals

My mission has always been to offer high levels of quality.

I maximize the potential provided by the markup languages and available tools. Every week I dedicate part of my time to the study of development techniques. I keep myself constantly updated also in UX, UI, design, SEO, web marketing to ensure a fresh and modern development. I like to experiment and when possible anticipate the times trying to ensure the highest possible accessibility.

Front-end web development is not just a mix of HTML, CSS and JS. With the experience, I've learned to understand the needs of professionals who embrace the sectors bordering mine (design, SEO, back-end development). My way of working has therefore evolved to make the material I produce complete and accessible.

How can I help you?

If you have an idea (or ready-made graphic layouts) that you want to turn into a website, or classic HTML pages that you will then complete on your own, propose the project to me. We'll look into it together. I currently offer two specific services: the transformation of graphic files into HTML templates and the creation of WordPress themes.