Graphic layout

Which files are accepted for conversion to HTML?

Files made with Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, and Affinity Designer are accepted. It is recommended to send files complete with layers, fonts used and icons preferably in vector format.

Do I have to send the layout for mobile too?

It's not strictly necessary. The code will be written directly for all versions even without the aid of graphic files specially created. For Retina Displays, logos and icons at 144dpi or twice the size of the Desktop version are required.

Which fonts should I choose for my website?

Thanks to the @font-face of CSS3 you can use all types of fonts. Remember, however, that several fonts are copyrighted. If you are not sure if you have a licence to use the font for the web, we recommend using the fonts available in free directories, such as Google Fonts.

What are the standard dimensions of the layout?

Creativity must have no limits. If you want to work on the classic standard layout, however, we recommend working at 1200px (1170px + 15px padding on the left + 15px padding on the right) in width for the desktop, and at least 320px (290px + 15px padding on the left + 15px padding on the right) in width for mobile.

How do I prepare the graphic file?

If you are working with Photoshop, it is advisable to create the new project with 144dpi resolution. In this case you need to double the size of all layers, including text. So if the layout with 72dpi resolution is 1200px wide and the base font size is 16px, working at 144dpi, the layout will be 2400px wide, while the base font size will be 32px.


How is the code written?

HTML and CSS are written entirely by hand, without the aid of specific software. The result is a streamlined code, developed specifically for your graphic layout.

In addition to the graphic conversion, is it possible to complete the project with other features?

Yes, if you want to complete the website, for example with an email form, an image viewer, or other, you can ask for additional features in the quote phase.

What frameworks do you use?

The most popular Bootstrap is mainly used, but also Pure.css and Foundation.

Can I follow the conversion process in real time?

Yes, a URL address is provided through which you can monitor the conversion process. Pages will be visible on a daily basis or when blocks are completed.

If I lose the copy of the code I received, could I ask for a backup copy?

Yes, when the conversion is complete and the files are sent, a backup copy of the source is kept.

Deadline and costs

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times depend on the complexity of the project sent. When requesting a quote, the maximum delivery date is indicated.

How much does it cost to convert graphics files to HTML?

The costs depend on the pages to be converted, on the complexity of the project, on the urgency required. To ensure maximum accuracy and sincerity on the final price, PSD to HTML does not propose a fixed price table, but adjusts the final cost based on the graphic files sent when requesting the quote.

Do I have to send the graphic files to get the quote?

A draft quote can be formulated from a mock up or similar project. The final estimate will be formulated on the final layout and according to the specific requests.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Bank transfer and PayPal are accepted as payment methods.

Property rights and licences

Do I have to show your brand on the site?

PSD to HTML is a support service to Web Agency, Brand, and Freelance. He is not asked to add any brands. Yours will be the only visible brand.

Are there any licences to pay for?

There are no extra licences to pay for. The code provided will be entirely yours, and free use plugins will be used, unless specific requests.


Where can I find my portfolio?

PSD to HTML has collaborated on several hundred projects (divided into portals, web apps, websites, newsletters). The portfolio of some of these projects is only available on request as PSD to HTML is an external service, and the projects in their entirety belong to their respective clients.